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Resources for Residents and Potential Applicants

From legal documents to sample leases, we have you covered when it comes to the resources you'll need to live with College Town Communities. Also, don't forget to check out our Campus Heights property map and get answers to our frequently asked questions.

Campus Heights & Schoolhouse Lofts Resident Handbook
Resident Handbook

Rules and information for current and future residents.

Campus Heights Sitemap
Site Map

View a map of Campus Heights!

College Town Communities Sample Lease
Sample Lease

View a copy of our Lease and Waiver Program Addendum before you sign.

College Town Communities Waiver Program
Renter's Insurance

Renter's Insurance is no longer required. Click below to learn more about
The Waiver Program. 

College Town Communities Parental Guaranty
Parental Guaranty

Students with a parental cosigner must submit a signed parental guarantee form, provided here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn answers to frequently asked questions about our property.

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